Board Members

The Board of Taxation currently consists of eight members, five of whom have been appointed from the business and community sector in their personal capacities. Also on the Board, as ex-officio members, are the Secretary to the Treasury, the Commissioner of Taxation, and the First Parliamentary Counsel.

2015 Appointments to the Board

On 12 December 2014, the Government announced four new appointments to the Board. Mr Michael Andrew was appointed as Chair with Mrs Peggy Lau Flux, Mr Mark Pizzacalla and Mr Craig Yaxley appointed as members.

Continuing Board Members

Photo of John Emerson AM

John Emerson AM

Mr Emerson has been a partner in Freehills, lawyers, since 1976 and is widely recognised as a specialist in the tax and other laws applicable to charities. He heads the firm's charity law practice.

He is the Freehills Melbourne Office Pro Bono Partner and a member of a number of legal and public sector committees active in the charity tax and pro bono areas.

Mr Emerson was appointed to the Board in January 2007.

Photo of Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan AO - Commissioner of Taxation

Mr Jordan was previously Chair of KPMG New South Wales and Partner in Charge of the New South Wales Tax and Legal Division of KPMG. He is the former Chair of the New Tax System Advisory Board and was also the State Chair of the New South Wales Division of the Taxation Institute of Australia. He was appointed by the NSW Government to the Games Advisory Committee of the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games.

Until his appointment as Commissioner of Taxation in January 2013, Mr Jordan was a member of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation Board, the Board of the Bell Shakespeare Company, a member of the Audit Risk Committee of the Art Gallery of NSW and Chair of the Committee for Sydney.

Mr Jordan has been a member of the Board since its inception in September 2000. He was Deputy Chair from January 2005, was appointed to the position of Chair in June 2011 and retired from this position in December 2012 following his appointment as Commissioner of Taxation.

Mr Jordan has been an ex officio member of the Board since January 2013.

John Fraser – Secretary to the Treasury

John Fraser was appointed as Secretary to the Treasury in December 2014.

As Secretary, he is a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Chair of the Advisory Board of the Australian Office of Financial Management and a member of the Australia in the Asian Century Strategic Advisory Board, Infrastructure Australia, the Council of Financial Regulators, the Board of Taxation, the Sir Roland Wilson Foundation and the Centre for International Finance and Regulation.

Mr Fraser has been an ex officio member of the Board since December 2014.

Photo of Peter Quiggin PSM

Peter Quiggin PSM - First Parliamentary Counsel

Mr Quiggin is the First Parliamentary Counsel of the Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC), which is responsible for drafting all principal legislation, all regulations and a range of legislative instruments for the Australian Government, including taxation legislation. OPC is also responsible for the publication of Commonwealth legislation through ComLaw and the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI).

Mr Quiggin's initial 7 year appointment as First Parliamentary Counsel started on 13 May 2004. He has since been reappointed for a further 7 years, commencing on 14 May 2011. He has been a drafter with the Office of Parliamentary Counsel for over 20 years and has drafted legislation covering a wide range of topics including taxation, native title and immigration.

Mr Quiggin is the President of the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC).

Prior to working at OPC, Mr Quiggin worked for a number of years with the Tax Office and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Mr Quiggin has been an ex officio member of the Board since January 2004.

Photo of Matthew Brine

Matthew Brine - Secretary to the Board

Matt has had almost 20 years’ experience working on public policy issues, with a focus on business taxation and corporate law.  His recent experience includes leadership roles in projects relating to the taxation of consolidated groups, taxation of financial arrangements, taxation of managed investment trusts, resource taxation, the dividend imputation regime, the taxation of infrastructure projects and implementation options for the new paid parental leave levy.

Conflict of Interest Declaration

The Board of Taxation Board members agreed to the new Board of Taxation Policy Managing Conflicts of Interest document at its 14 December 2012 Board meeting.

All members of the Board are taxpayers in various capacities. Some members of the Board derive income from director's fees, company dividends, trust distributions or as a member of a partnership.

The Board's practice is to require members who have a material personal interest in a matter before the Board to disclose the interest to the Board and to absent themselves from the Board's discussion of the matter, including the making of a decision, unless otherwise determined by the Chairman (or if the Chairman has the interest, the other members of the Board).

The Board does not regard a member as having a material personal interest in a matter of tax policy that is before the Board merely because the member's personal interest may, in common with other taxpayers or members of the public, be affected by that tax policy or by any relevant Board recommendations.

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